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Heidi's Boathouse Store !!!

Heidi’s Boathouse Store !!

Coming this Summer is a NEW BOATHOUSE Store. This will be a unique Boathouse Store that will offer customers a new shopping experience in Baysville. More details and pictures to come. Look for the Grand Opening announcement!

Spring Boat Launch !

Spring is Here, Time to Book Your Boat to be ready for the Summer !

It is that time of the year again to get your boat out of Storage. Please call Kim at Baysville Marina to book the time that you want your baot ready for the summer. Remeber that there is a 2 week requirement for boats to be ready to be pick up so book early. the number to call is 705-767-3323 or Toll Free 1-866-885-0804.

Spring Sale !

Spring Sale On Lund Boats!

ANOTHER SALE! Come see the Showroom at Baysville marina and see the #1 fishing boat on Sale for a limited time OFFER. Models available are WC-14, SSV-14, SSV-16, 1400 Fury SS, 1600 Fury SS, 1650 Rebel XL – Tiller. Call 705-727-3323 or Toll Free 1-866-885-0804 for pricing.

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